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Manufacturing >> Surface Treatment
In our surface treatment department, there are 2 production-lines which is 20 meters, 2 sets dust-free spray-paint tanks, 18 sets silk-screen machine for Paint & Silk-screen. Also, there are 3 sets of large-sized ultrasonic welding machine for assembly.
Except paint, pad printing & silk-screen, other surface finishing should be outsourced, it includes: polishing, plating, powder coating, anodizing, E-coating, laser marking and so on. We have cooperated surface treatment supplier for cooperation to help customer achieve all different kinds of surface finishing request.

                               painted & silkscreen area                                                                                   Printing machines
                                 die casting part plating                                                                               plastic part painted & silkscreen

                              Aluminium Anodizing                                                                                             Prototype powder coating
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