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There are 19 sets injection molding machines, which are high precision from 60T to 350T in our injection molding department. With 10 years injection molding experience, JunYi Mold can produce high-quality plastic components at the competitive price.

Plastic injection molding plays an important role in our manufacturing process. We have experience in all different kinds of common material, such as ABS, PC+ABS, PP, PS, PMMA, PVC, PC+GF, TPU, TPE (Rubber), PET, POM, Acetal and some special materials such as PEEK and Ultem. 

The products have been widely applied on: Telecommunication sectors, Electrical & Industrial Applications, Sports, IT Industry, Automotive, Medical Applications and Aerospace etc. The talented JunYi Mold team works with customers ensure maximum production rates while minimizing and managing potential quality problems.

                                   Injection Moulding Machine                                                      Injection Moulding Processing

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