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Manufacturing >> Rapid Tooling
We can use aluminum (Al757) or steel (China P20, S50C, 718, 718H) to make the rapid tooling with multi-cavity and dies when customer requires. The software for 3D structure design includes PRO/E, Solidwork, Unigraphics. etc.
Many rapid tooling methods are available for our factory. Our rapid tooling manufacturing includes indirect &direct methods. It includes silicone rubber tooling (compression mold), vacuum casting (Urethane casting mold), reaction injection molding and cast resin tooling.

Our engineer will choose the most proper method for customer. Our engineer will consider economical cost, lead time, part accuracy and so on to fit for customer’s request and specification, reduces the time and take to produce the tooling and improve the accuracy of the process, reduce the time it takes to produce the tooling and improve the accuracy of the process.

steel rapid tooling 

parts of urethane casting

parts of rapid tooling

aluminium rapid tooling

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