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Manufacturing >> Design & Engineering
Our engineering team offers advanced 2D and 3D CAD design for:
  • Prototypes
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Molds(Tools) and Fixtures
  • Special machines and production suggestion
  • Assistance in product development and engineering
Each project begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and specifications. Our engineering team will review your design manufacturability; offer suggestions of improving processing of 3D model, cycle time and part quality. We are 100% dedicated to the success of your project, from ensuring absolute dimensional accuracy and quality in the manufacture of your mold, to sampling, all the way to mold start up.
The high quality mold is the core business of JunYi Mold. Our engineers have rich experience in plastic properties and mold structure. And they will take each case seriously before designing start, our engineers will run DFM and Mold Flow Analysis for special projects and attend a technical meet for each mold with tool shop and injection Dept. to avoid potential manufacture problem and trouble shoot. All of this is the strong guarantee of our high quality and short lead time.

                    Design For Manufacturability Analysis(DMF)                                                       Moldflow Analysis
                 3D MOLD Structure design

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